Start reaping the benefits of Managed IT Care today

  • Our Partnership is Based On Results Our support is results/performance-based. We manage your systems to meet your business objectives and reduce technical issues. We manage your technology so it better performs for your business and to minimize technical issues. When issues do arise, we quickly resolve them.
  • We Manage Your Technology You’ll reduce your management overhead because we’re responsible for making the decisions needed to manage your technology. While it can be difficult to quantify improved management and technical decision-making, they can represent a substantial indirect cost savings to you while positively affecting your company’s long term IT health.
  • We Share Your IT Risk We share the technology risk/liability with you including loss from hardware or software failure, viruses, disaster(s), user error or other issues. Because we manage these possible liabilities, we share your technology risk. Think of us as giving you a degree of “IT Insurance.”
  • We Improve your Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership Our agreement with you is based on predetermined, not to exceed costs. This eliminates surprise expenses while, at the same time, smoothing cash flow and reducing management over the long term. That means you get consistency and stability. Bottom line, you get a long-term return on your technology investment while reducing the total cost of technology ownership.

Reduce risk. Reduce costs. Focus on business. Services:

  • Managed Server Reduce your total cost of server ownership by leaving all preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, server hardware and software upgrade management up to us.
  • Managed Workstation Reduce your total cost of workstation ownership by leaving all preventative maintenance, user interaction, troubleshooting, hardware/software repair and management to us.
  • Managed Internet Reduce your internet related risks by leaving all firewall, internet connectivity, email serving, spam filtering and management to us.
  • Managed Data Backup Reduce your data backup and disaster recovery risks while safeguarding your vital business data by leaving onsite and offsite data backup management to us.

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