Edward King got his start in 1986 in the stockroom of his father's (Milton King) heavy industrial equipment manufacturing company. There he made many improvements in the company's information systems.

In 1990 Ed created Centurion Data Systems providing support for local businesses in the ever expanding and changing computer technology service industry.

In the 90's, Centurion developed applications for municipalities doing voter registration and property tax assessment management. The networking side grew and Centurion started building workstations as well as providing network support.

In 1998 Centurion added Linux Operating System capability to enhance the traditional networking expertise.

In 2008 Centurion acquired Lake Systems, Inc., a company specializing in business software for manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies.

Centurion now manages customers with Linux, Windows and other proprietary systems across southeast Wisconsin. Customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing costs and implemented complex solutions with Centurion, helping their businesses grow beyond what off-the-shelf technology could have provided.